Miller Tennis Academy

Miller Tennis Academy

Fall/Winter 2020-21

Miller Tennis Academy was developed to provide future opportunities for junior tennis players to participate in high-level tournament and collegiate tennis programs.

For the juniors to compete at increasingly high standards, we feel it is necessary for all of our juniors to play more matches, improve their fitness and continue developing their mental skills through clinics and private lessons. In order for the juniors to be able to accomplish all of this while maintaining high levels of academic achievement, we feel that all juniors should participate in at least two hours a day in our four day program plus additional lessons and tournaments to reach their full potential. In order to participate, students must be a member of Forest Lake Tennis Club and be invited.

Miller Tennis Academy Schedule

Monday: 4:30 to 6:30 PM
Wednesday: 5:00 to 7:00 PM
Thursday: 4:00 to 6:00 PM

Tuesday: 6:00 to 8:00 PM SKILLS NIGHT

For pricing please call. Bring your own water, ice and towels. Academy will not meet:
Monday, September 7th, 2020
Wednesday, November 25 – Sunday, November 29, 2020
Saturday, December 19 – Saturday, January 1, 2021
Friday, April 2 – Sunday, April 11, 2021.

For questions please call:

Paul Lucas at 314-223-4676 or Mike Miller at 314-341-8952

Make all checks payable to Miller Tennis Academy