USTA Quick Start (4-6)

Looking for the perfect way to have your child stay active and be able to play a safe and fun sport? Look no further… Introducing Red Ball!
Red Ball is the first step in a progression program that teaches your child the game of tennis. The ball progression program allows players to develop their game as they get older and have fun while doing so. As players get older, taller and stronger, the tennis balls bounce higher and faster to reach the proper hitting strike zone allowing your child to develop better stroke techniques.
The Red Ball program is intended for 4 to 6 year old children playing on a 36-foot court.

Red Ball Dates & Cost

Tuesday 4:30-5:30 PM

Sept 3 – Nov 5  (10 weeks)
Nov 12 – Jan 14  (10 weeks)
Jan 21 – Mar 24  (10 weeks)

Saturday 9-10 AM

Sept 7 – Nov 9  (10 weeks)
Nov 16 – Jan 18  (10 weeks)
Jan 25 – Mar 28  (10 weeks)
Members   $225.00    Non-members  $285.00

To sign-up, please call the club at 314-878-2722!